Saturday, July 22, 2006

Internet Movie Database

So although it took me a while to get into wikipedia, one great web resource that i've been using for an extremely long time is The Internet Movie Database. This site is incredible. You can find out anything you want to really know about movies or actors. How many times do you say to yourself "what was the name of that actress in that movie?". Well, the Internet Movie Database is where you can find that answer and stop going crazy trying to remember. I also use it when tyring to think of new movies to rent.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Searching for Screenplays

A while ago, I got into writing screenplays. I write with a friend of mine who is a pretty well established writer. He has written over 10 screenplays and together we wrote one that I really like and gets great reviews from others who read it. If you're interested in learning more about it, or reading it, send me an email.

But anyways, the point of this post, was to discuss the wealth of information about screenplays on the web. Several years ago I saw a tv special about conferences for screenwriters and screenwriting contests and became fascinated. I don't think the average person knows how many people are writing screenplays and how big this industry is. It's immense!

So if you love movies and have always wondered about how they get written or whatever, do a search for screenplays.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have to admit something, and it’s kind of embarrassing. Despite the buzz, the hoopla and everyone else using it, I’m fairly new to wikipedia! My truck was in the shop a couple weeks ago, and despite the knowledgable mechanic explaining it to me, I was still curious about what a serpentine belt was and how it worked. So I finally decided to head to wikipedia. Since then, barely a day has gone by without me visiting wikipedia. So if you’ve been hearing about it, thinking about going there, go! Go and explore!
After many years in consulting, I quickly became the “go to” person for people around me regarding everything from computer problems to internet questions and then to general technology questions. So I decided it was time that I started to keep track of some of this information while at the same time providing a place where I could direct others to some of that information. And who knows, maybe others I don’t know, may stumble across this Blog and find some useful information.

This blog is meant to just journal some resources, tools, interesting information and cool websites that I have found, or will find, in my Internet journeys.